Appstrail M360: Solution One-Pager

Challenges manufacturing industry faces

A true Customer 360 solution for Sales, Service, Billing and Collection Customers can track new and run-rate business, and predict volumes along with the capability to track actual vs forecasted quantity.
Natively built on Salesforce and can be implemented in minimum 10 days.
A solution that will cater to the needs of modern-day manufacturers like you. It will help you digitally transform your business model and make it better prepared for the future.
If you are looking for a one-stop solution for Raw- material Software, Inventory Management, Production Planning and more, we have got it for you.
This one-pager will help you understand the technicalities of our product and how it is beneficial for manufacturers looking to revolutionalize their operations.

How you can resolve the challenges?


3-click Re-order

Re-order for run-rate business in just 3-clicks even from your mobile device and create Sales Order instantly


Production Planning

Inform your Operations team about the upcoming order without manual intervention. It avoids human errors.


Sales Agreement

Create Sales Agreement for any customer and generate Forecast without any hassle


ERP Integration

Bring in the benefits of ERP into your CRM. A unified view of products and their available quantities.


Demand Forecasting

Get monthly insights into forecasted revenue. It helps you take strategic business decisions.


Action Plan

Create a check-list of all the items with respect to Accounts. It will help anyone in the team

Steel and Alloy Industry

With an annual production capacity of 75,000 MT and over 1000 employees, they streamlined “Lead to Quote to Cash”. Incorporating a Holistic Sales Agreement and Forecast with predicted volumes and revenue streams across the new and run-rate business.

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