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Decoding Navigator: Salesforce Consulting Partner Program


Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

Salesforce Consulting Partner Program is a way to quantify the efforts of Salesforce Consulting partners. This program by Salesforce helps the partners grow. It is a matrix based on the partner’s contributions towards the targets set by Salesforce. The targets are as following:


Each partner can earn score points called “Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score” based on these parameters. The maximum score that one can earn is 1000. Based on these scores, you are then segmented into a Tier structure which is described in the diagram below.

Each of the four targets has its program pillars and there is an upper cap in points within each target, that can be earned by the partner.

Now that we have an understanding of what Salesforce Consulting Partner Program is, you must be curious to know how to reach Summit i.e. the topmost point in the tier. So, let’s start with the very first program pillar, Navigator. 

What is Navigator Summary?

Navigator lays the foundation for Customers and Salesforce Account Executives to find the right partner with the right skills. Navigator Distinction is a go-to-market rating to showcase your capabilities as Salesforce Partner. It rates your product and industry expertise on the following three parameters.

What are Navigator Distinctions?

There are three levels of distinction which can help you earn a maximum of 225 points towards the Customer Success Matrix. They are as follows:

Why is it important to focus on Navigator?

In this part, we will learn about some of the benefits of the Navigator

  1. Navigator helps you move up the Tier in the Consulting Partner Program, which comes with its own incremental benefits
  2. Salesforce Partner Program validates your data and hence increases credibility in the eyes of Customers, Salesforce Account Executives, Salesforce Leaders, and Salesforce Solution Engineering team
  3. Moving to Expert Level will help you command a stronghold in the domain expertise authenticated by Salesforce itself and validated by Customers
  4. Navigator helps you promote your own strengths and specialities without any extra efforts

Strengths + Specialties = Differentiation

  1. The batches earned by you can be used for marketing promotions

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