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To remain relevant and grow, manufacturing companies must become customer-centric organizations and stay connected to their customers through dealers, distributors, retailers, and directly. In order to empower their workforce and provide personalized experiences, both internally and externally, these companies need to adopt the right set of digital tools. However, legacy systems and siloed data can often obstruct this process. 

Appstrail is a modern business consulting and technology firm that helps manufacturing companies plan their transformation journey using our industry framework. This framework is based on years of knowledge, experience, and successful solutions implemented across numerous customer rollouts involving thousands of users. Our teams are subject matter experts with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes. 

Not only do we consult and plan your business transformation roadmap, but we also implement solutions to drive success. Our experts will help you maximize your investment in Salesforce through our “Return on Salesforce” (ROS) approach. We have expertise in the entire Salesforce platform, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Sales Lightning, CPQ, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and industry-specific solutions. We use the Salesforce platform to design personalized experiences for your users and customers, seamlessly integrating with your core systems to create a single view of the customer. Customers benefit from Appstrail’s acceleration and solution tools kits to fast-track their go-to-market strategy, along with a proven rollout and adoption plan. Contact us to learn more about how we deliver success. 

Deliver innovative services by connecting different aspects of the business ecosystem

Salesforce can be used in the manufacturing industry in several ways. It provides a range of tools and features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Manufacturing companies can leverage an edge over competitors by integrating innovative salesforce cloud manufacturing solutions and improving their operations. The range of resourceful services that connect different aspects of the business ecosystem for improved efficiency and increase in productivity includes; 

Sales and customer management :

Salesforce can manage customer relationships, track sales, and handle customer support and service requests. This can help manufacturing companies improve their sales processes and improve customer service.

Inventory and supply chain management :

Salesforce can manage inventory levels, track orders, and monitor the supply chain. This can help manufacturing companies ensure they have the right products in stock and can quickly and efficiently fulfil orders.

Collaboration and communication :

Salesforce offers a range of tools and features that can help manufacturing teams collaborate and communicate more effectively. This can include tools for project management, document sharing, and team communication.

Integrate the ideal salesforce manufacturing cloud solution and achieve your sales revenue goals   

The Salesforce manufacturing cloud includes a range of solutions ideally designed to aid organizations in the manufacturing industry with improved efficiency and profitability. The solutions help business manage their overall operational processes, including product development, supply chain management, and customer relationship management.   

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Some of the critical aspects of the manufacturing cloud include the following:

Product life-cycle management:

Product life cycle management enables organizations to manage the entire product development process, from idea to launch. It includes tools for managing product requirements, design, testing, and product defects and warranties.

Supply chain management:

Supply chain management includes tools for managing the supply chain, including planning, procurement, and production. It has demand planning, supplier collaboration, and production scheduling features.

Customer relationship management:

Customer relationship management includes tools for managing and improving customer interactions, such as customer profiles, contact management, and customer service. It also includes tools for managing customer feedback and complaints.  

Collaboration and communication:

Salesforce manufacturing cloud enables collaboration and communication within the organization and with external partners, such as suppliers and customers. It includes document management, project management, and social cooperation.

Analytics and reporting:

Analytics and reporting as a critical aspect of the salesforce manufacturing cloud aid with a range of tools for analyzing and reporting on data, including real-time dashboards, sales forecasting, and customer analysis.  

Manufacturing cloud solutions include features like: 

  • Improving account transparency with sales agreements. 
  • Increasing productivity with account manager targets. 
  • Capturing sales input with enterprise account forecasting. 
  • Benefiting from continuous industry innovation. 
  • Driving service efficiency with automated processes. 
  • Contextualizing the service parts forecast. 
  • Elevating the customer’s voice.   

How does the salesforce manufacturing cloud work?  

To enable the manufacturing cloud in Salesforce, it is crucial to have a valid Salesforce license that includes the manufacturing cloud feature. In case of unavailability of a license that consists of the manufacturing cloud, it is better to contact Salesforce to purchase a license or upgrade your existing license.  

Post availing a valid license that includes the manufacturing cloud, to enable the feature, follow these steps:  

  • Log in to the Salesforce account and navigate to the Setup menu.  
  • In the Setup menu, type “Manufacturing Cloud” in the Quick Find box and select Manufacturing Cloud from the results list.  
  • On the Manufacturing Cloud page, click the Enable Manufacturing Cloud button.  
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of enabling the manufacturing cloud.  

After enabling the manufacturing cloud, it allows accessing the various features and tools by navigating to the Manufacturing Cloud tab in the Salesforce account.

Appstrail assures positive and profitable salesforce solutions for the manufacturing industry.   

As one of the most reliable salesforce solutions companies, Appstrail helps businesses transform their operations from end to end for enhanced efficiency. Assuring quality experience, Appstrails aids firms with unique and versatile pre-built solution sets, accelerators, industry-ready frameworks, and streamlined process flows. With a conceptualized approach that helps with the digital transformation of the business, experts at Appstrails make it easier for the company to adapt to the changing customer demands and serve with valuable experience. With various solutions, Appstrails commit to helping businesses improve their ability to scale quickly and efficiently.   

Optimize your business by integrating the top salesforce manufacturing cloud solution by Appstrail. Explore your way towards an increase in overall efficiency and sales. 


Lets work together & secure your business for the future


Salesforce manufacturing cloud is a new-age solution integrated salesforce platform with various tools and features designed significantly to help the business through different operational processes.  

Salesforce for the manufacturing industry is primarily used to ensure a swift end-to-end process. Salesforce in manufacturing helps with efficient sales and customer management, inventory and supply chain management, collaboration, and communication. 

The salesforce manufacturing cloud is designed to aid with various solutions across different aspects of the business, including product life cycle management, supply chain management, CRM, etc. The key features of the manufacturing cloud include transparent and efficient services, effective solutions, improvements in productivity, grievance address, automated processes, etc. 

It is essential to have a valid salesforce license that includes a manufacturing cloud feature to enable manufacturing cloud in salesforces. To access the manufacturing cloud in Salesforce after availing of the license: 

  • Log in to the account, and navigate the setup menu. 
  • Type manufacturing cloud in the setup menu and select manufacturing cloud from the list. 
  • Enable the manufacturing cloud button and follow the on-screen instructions to continue the process.   
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