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Technology is evolving and so is Salesforce. While you are busy performing the business functions necessity to accomplish your business goals, we will manage the updates of your salesforce account. Managing regular updates to the account requires time and is at times hectic. Stuck with a Salesforce issue? Don’t worry, we will fix it for you.

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Why our managed services are right for you


Team of Experts

Our team comprises of Salesforce Certified Professionals with 20+ years of domain experience developing & managing salesforce applications for various clients in multiple industries.


Adoption & Training

Salesforce Adoption & Training Services



Our team of experts will hold training sessions with members of your company to guide & support on the latest features on Salesforce



With regular updates on Salesforce, some applications require nee installations. Our qualified team will support on installation & support on all technical queries.

Manage, maintain and ensure high performance of your salesforce platform with Salesforce managed services  

Salesforce has significantly emerged as one of the most strategic tools that encourage growth for companies. Owing to its significance, it is constantly evolving and optimizing in terms of services. As an essential aspect crucial for the development of any business, Salesforce assures maintaining operations and ensuring smooth management of the business operations. Initially, the salesforce upkeep was handled by a single admin with essential development support. Exposing the urgency of an evolved system, it became crucial to upgrade the approach towards management and integrate a potential strategy that helps with smooth management and maintenance of the Salesforce.   

As a reliable solution for modern-day growing businesses, Salesforce-managed services have emerged as a flexible and scalable alternative to manage and optimize performance for better returns. With the potential to support, sustain and extend the Salesforce of the organization, the Salesforce’s worked service, as a domain, has exponentially grown over time.   

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As one of the leading Salesforce-managed service providers, Appstrail offers a flexible, scalable, and economical solution to maintain and realize the investment in Salesforce effortlessly. Partnering with Appstrail for Salesforce managed services eliminates the hassle of hiring full-time employees for the management and incorporating strategies tailor-made to fit the salesforce requirements.  

Optimize your Salesforce for smooth and effective operations  

Provided by experienced professionals with expertise in managing and maintaining the salesforce platform, Salesforce managed services help organizations optimize Salesforce and ensure smooth and effective operations. Salesforce-managed services typically provide organizations with ongoing support and assistance in managing their Salesforce instance. This includes tasks such as monitoring the platform for potential issues, implementing security measures, providing training and technical support, and helping to integrate Salesforce with other business systems. With expertise in working on various tools and features, the professionals work closely with organizations to develop a customized plan for managing and maintaining their Salesforce instance. Post understanding the salesforce requirements, Salesforce managed service providers offer ongoing support and assistance to help organizations optimize their operations and make the most out of the platform.  

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Tailor-made Salesforce managed services for quality results.  

Emerging as a crucial aspect of business, Salesforce managed services help with yielding quality results when integrated efficiently. Salesforce Managed Services helps organizations optimize their use of Salesforce and ensure its smooth and efficient operations. This involves providing ongoing support and assistance in managing the Salesforce instance, including tasks such as monitoring the platform for potential issues, implementing security measures, providing training and technical support, and helping to integrate Salesforce with other business systems.  

One of the key benefits of partnering with a Salesforce Managed Service provider is the flexible and scalable solution provided to maintain and optimize the Salesforce investment. Ideal for organizations experiencing rapid growth, the Salesforce managed services help with the quick and easy expansion of the Salesforce capabilities without hiring additional full-time, dedicated employees.  

Revolutionising Salesforce managed services with Appstrail POD-based delivery model  

A POD-based delivery model is a type of approach used to deliver products or services. In this model, a “pod” is a small, self-contained team that is responsible for a specific aspect of the delivery process. The team members in a POD work closely together, and the POD is typically focused on a particular task or goal.   

In the context of Salesforce, a POD-based delivery model could be used to deliver services related to the Salesforce platform, such as implementation, customization, training, and support. Using a POD-based delivery model, a company could organize its team into small, focused groups that are responsible for different aspects of the delivery process. This approach improves collaboration and communication within the team and makes it easier to deliver high-quality services to customers. 

Overall, the POD-based delivery model organizes teams and delivers products or services in a way that focuses on collaboration, communication, and quality. In the context of Salesforce, a POD-based delivery model could be used to deliver services related to the platform, such as implementation, customization, training, and support.

How reliable the integration of Salesforce managed services benefit the business?

There are several reasons why organizations may choose to use Salesforce-managed services, including the following:

Improved performance and reliability:

Salesforce-managed services can help organizations improve their Salesforce instance’s performance and reliability. This can involve monitoring the platform for potential issues, such as outages and performance degradation, and implementing measures to prevent or mitigate these issues.

Enhanced security:

Salesforce-managed services can help organizations strengthen their Salesforce instance’s safety. This can involve implementing security measures, such as encryption and authentication, to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access to the platform.

Increased productivity:

Salesforce-managed services can help organizations to increase their productivity by providing them with expert support and assistance in using the Salesforce platform. This can include training, technical support, and guidance on how to use the platform’s various features and tools to their full potential.

Reduced costs:

Salesforce-managed services can help organizations to reduce their costs by providing them with cost-effective solutions for managing and maintaining their Salesforce instance. This can be especially useful for organizations with limited internal resources or expertise in managing the platform.

Evolve in accordance with your business needs with Appstrail, top Salesforce-managed service providers  

Appstrail is a company that specializes in offering digital transformation solutions backed by salesforce technology. With years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry, we at Appstrail help institutions function on customer centric approach and deliver personalized engagement along with real-time insights. Tailor-made solutions curated to meet unique personalized requirements, Appstrail streamlines solutions that help businesses stay relevant in the field and grow rapidly in the constantly changing and competitive market.   

At Appstrail, we offer a flexible, scalable, and economical solution to maintain and realize your investment in Salesforce without needing additional full-time employees. Our Salesforce Managed Services are designed to help your business stay ahead of the curve and keep your Salesforce Org up-to-date and aligned with your evolving business needs.   

 With Appstrail, you can be confident that your Salesforce Org is in good hands. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your investment and achieve your business goals.


Lets work together & secure your business for the future


As experienced professionals provide services, Salesforce managed services help with efficient maintenance and management of the salesforce platform. Along with helping the organization optimize Salesforce and ensure effective and smooth operations, the Salesforce managed services help with improved performance, reliability, security, and productivity cost-effectively.   

Experienced professionals provide managed services in Salesforce with years of experience in the domain. The services help improve the business’s overall efficiency and increase the approach toward maintaining and managing the salesforce platform.

Owing to the fierce competition prevailing in the market, it becomes crucial for businesses to have top-notch partners to manage salesforce services by their side to win an edge over the competitors. Choosing Salesforce-managed services benefits in several ways. It improves performance and reliability and strengthens security, increasing productivity in a very cost-effective manner.

To start with Salesforce-managed services, it is essential to partner with a company offering Salesforce-managed services. As one of the best salesforce solutions companies, Appstrail aids with complete support throughout the prices to ensure an increase in efficiency and overall results. Connect with us for a better understanding of the process and get started to kickstart with a scalable strategy to manage the salesforce services with versatile solutions for better quality results.

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