Appstrail Connector for Tally

Appstrail Connector

Integrating Salesforce and Tally to get a complete Digital Transformation and a Business 360 view: providing a single source of truth.


ERP automates and manages accounting and financial day to day operations like purchasing, selling, inventory management.

CRM is responsible for improving operations such as customer insights, sales pipeline management and strong customer relations.

Appstrail Connector is designed to integrate Tally ERP and Salesforce CRM to provide you with complete customer 360 and better insights into your business. A solution built to create an innovative and consistent way for businesses like yours!

how does it work

Appstrail Connector for Tally provides real time data, updates and financial reports related to the clients, orders, invoices, quotes, past records and more. As soon as a new order is received by the field sales rep, he can directly add that in Salesforce, an automated mail with order details is sent to the accountant who creates a sales order. It automatically gets updated in Salesforce. And after the payment is received, the accountant generates an invoice against the order creating a real time and easy sync between Salesforce and Tally.


Real time integration

Customer 360

Financial Reporting

Invoice Ageing

Payment/ invoice tracking

Data security


Streamline your process and unify your sales and finance team.
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