Appstrail Connector

Integrating Salesforce and Tally to get a complete Digital Transformation and a Business 360 view: providing a single source of truth.

What is Appstrail Connector for Tally?

Appstrail Connector is designed to integrate Tally ERP and Salesforce CRM to provide you with complete customer 360 and better insights into your business. A solution built to create an innovative and consistent way for businesses like yours!

Connecting your front-end and back-end system to sync payment and invoices in real-time.
Our connector provides you with a single source of truth about your business. All departments and stakeholders involved can now have a unified view of all data related to the sales team, customers as well as your finances, reducing dependency and operating time.
It is designed to help you gain all required information anytime anywhere!

Product Feature

Real time integration

Customer 360

Financial Reporting

Invoice Ageing

Payment/ invoice tracking

Data security

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Why ERP and CRM are important?

ERP automates and manages accounting and financial day to day operations like purchasing, selling, inventory management.
CRM is responsible for improving operations such as customer insights, sales pipeline management and strong customer relations.
White Paper on Tally for more information
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