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Manufacturing Landscape

Reimagining Manufacturing by building agile, scalable and intelligent solution that can withstand the pressure of time

Insights into Manufacturing

Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry is at the brim of a global transformation. The fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 has triggered the change in the way businesses do business. Couple with smart factories equipped with IoT, Machine Learning, AI and Cloud Computing, Scalability and Digitalization do not remain paradoxes anymore.

Where the Manufacturing world is moving

Shift towards Value Chain

Traditionally investment in Operational efficiency has paid off; however, there is a switch in customer's expectation. Instead of a better product, they now want Experience, hence a move towards enhancing Value Chain and last-mile visibility.

Importance of Value Chain
Customer Lifetime Value

Moving from one-time transactions, companies strive to create Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) since acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining a happy one. Long-term relationships boost brand loyalty and support sustained growth.

How to calculate CLV
Service as Revenue Model

As customers move towards Experience, companies, who know their product, shifted towards providing services: end-to-end implementation. It provides companies with up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, hence increasing Revenue per Customer.

Read more on Service Revenue model
Customer-centric approach

The quest between product-centric and customer-centric is now favouring the latter. Customers valuing intangible assets has triggered the change. Quick to adopt companies, resonate and build the product with customers to set the market ready to enter.

Find out where the market is headed
Cloud Data storage

Break the constructs of spreadsheets by moving to cloud storage, which you can access anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automatic real-time sync avoids omission and human error. The data is shielded from the unfortunate event of system failure.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Appstrail M360: A solution solely built for modern-day manufacturers looking for Digital Transformation.  A customizable plug and play model, deployable within days, along with integrating your ERP system effortlessly. It optimizes processes to provide agility and freedom so that you can work from anywhere, on any device and scale up your business effortlessly.

Solution Value Proposition

Inventory Management System

Get better Inventory Accuracy and avoid stock-outs or excess stock. Reduce human error such as overselling and inaccuracy, decrease business costs and improving product traceability

Understand Inventory Management System in detail

Sales Agreement

Establish a timeline with Forecast/Planned/Actual Revenue, which improves visibility and strategic business decisions. The sales team can focus on Selling instead of administrative work.

Read about Planned vs Actuals and its business impact

Production Planning

Plan ahead of time without manual intervention to increase supply chain efficiency, material planning, communication and process agility. Prevent idle time and minimize inventory costs

Know how production planning can save operational costs

Order Management System

Track the status of your order in real-time with a centralized system that combines Accounting, Inventory & Customer Information. Provides 3-click re-order process for existing clients

Understand how 3-click reorder process can reduce costs

Customer Success Story

We are very much satisfied with the services provided by Appstrail. The entire team is excellent. Appreciate the team’s efforts to help us out with our requirements. They understand the requirements very well and then work on them.

-Risha Infrastructure


Steel and Alloy industry

With an annual production capacity of 75,000 MT and over 1000 employees, they streamlined “Lead to Quote to Cash”. Incorporating a Holistic Sales Agreement and Forecast with predicted volumes and revenue streams across the new and run-rate business.

Revenue Forecast has been a game-changer

Chemical Industry

Company with dealers in more than 55 countries and 5000+ accounts, achieved digital transformation in 10 days. Analyzing Customer Data and the 3-click re-order process helped them fast-track deals and reduced dependency on people.

Accounts 360 has been a blessing for them


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