Compliance, Risk Management & Security Consulting

Compliance, risk & security are areas where companies regularly need to adopt to changes in regulations. Companies are required to be more transparent and professional due to changes in laws & regulations. With the rise of technology an new rules established around it, there has been an increase in risk due to cyber threat and necessity to comply with the updated rules of laws. Appstrail’s Compliance, Risk Management & Security consulting services will help tackle issues companies face in Corporate risk Management, Compliance & regulatory management & Security threat management. We will help in identifying, organizing & implement the right strategy to mitigate the risks attached to your company.

Our services

Compliance & regulatory management

  • Compliance analysis & testing
  • Design & control testing
  • Regulation advisory
  • Training for latest regulatory & compliance policies

Risk Management

  • Corporate Risk Management Evaluation & advisory
  • Identify, Measure & generate reports on associated risks
  • Configurate, execute and keep up a typical risk infrastructure by utilizing individuals, procedure and innovation change opportunities
  • Strategy implementation to mitigate future risks

Security advisory

  • Security Program Analysis
  • Security auditing
  • Integrating new security policies and programs
  • Risk assessment & analysis
  • Security training & support

Lets work work together & secure your business for the future