Process design & configuration support

Why is process Design Important?

A planned structure for the process of a company’s business operation is vital for business growth. Process design helps align technology and business process in delivering the desired business outcomes. Designing the right process is important of all types of companies, whether it is small, medium or large. It provides a strategic vision & informed insight about the short term and long-term applications for your company.

Our Approach

Apstrail’s Salesforce process design services is forced on helping clients define the vision and roadmap to bring their strategy to life. Our consultants and experts conduct workshops to understand the current processes, align on redefined KPIs and work with you to firm on the new processes.

The Advisory Services Team can help uncover the complexities of executing on a digital engagement strategy. In collaboration with your change management teams, we focus on defining the right model for governance, communications and training to guide a structured Change Plan that takes into account your organization’s culture and audiences.

Change Management

Improvising the structure of the management of your organization is a lateral strategy to bring the desired outcome for your company. our Change Management strategy is to integrate innovation to the management structure of your organization. Our work is to challenge people at your firm to think out of the box & use the most advanced strategies to initiate innovation at your organization.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is all about innovating new product, particularly software , for a company. Agile methods focuses on bringing value for a company by providing insights to change customer needs, new opportunities & generating trust between customers & your company.At Appstrail, we will develop the most mind blowing products for your company on Salesforce AppExchange using Agile and Scrum methods.

IT Strategy & Implementation

Our team of Salesforce Consultants & Architects will advise & implement on the best technology for digital transformation of your company. We will plan, develop & deploy your software solutions on Salesforce AppExchange platform. Salesforce, being the #1 CRM & Solution platform, will be a huge advantage for your companies’ business transformation.

Lets work work together & secure your business for the future