Appstrail Technology

About the company

About the Company

Appstrail is a modern-day Technology consulting firm where everything we think is digital, for and across our customers’ entire ecosystem. It is more than just a company – it’s an institution that creates multiple opportunities. It’s a commitment to provide access and means for the next generation leaders, thinkers, believers and, more importantly, doers.

We focus on three key pieces to provide a complete 360 view:

We believe that a lone knight cannot solve significant problems but instead require a community of diverse voices and skills to collaborate and support one another. Just as the tools we create are only ever part of the solution, they are made stronger by our partnerships and collaborations.

Come join us if this sentence resonates with you,

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you’re going to walk far, walk together. – Ratan Tata


We want to become a premium hi-tech consulting partner empowered with passion, excellence and commitment.


Our mission is to help businesses grow, innovate, transform and become a customer-centric organization leveraging the best technology platforms.

Within our organization, we aim to empower each of us and support one another’s goals and self-actualization while collaborating toward common goals. We work to give voice to others, not create an echo chamber.

When met with a choice between optimal efficiency or a chance to learn something new, we will choose to learn, grow, and better ourselves.

What we do

Appstrail’s focus is to fast-track the industry verticalization of Salesforce. We deliver value to our customers and clients by building new capabilities, develop industry accelerators, products and solutions. Our team of certified Salesforce architects, consultants, industry SMEs and continued commitment to invest in Salesforce helps us deliver digital value for our customers.

With the latest guidance on Salesforce contributing $ 1 trillion to the GDP by 2024, this keeps the team at Appstrail excited about the journey ahead. The solution and engineering team at Appstrail is focused on building new solutions and products to fast track this growth and create the ability to services as many customers as possible.

The goal is to ensure people using Salesforce technology succeed. We do this by combining enterprise vision and Salesforce multiple cloud expertise. This allows us to bring concepts to life from ideation to execution while measuring the ROI and Return on Salesforce. At Appstrail, we try to provide the client with a combined Enterprise vision + Multi-cloud expertise to multiply their growth rate.

A dream to create a sustainable ecosystem laid the foundation for Appstrail. However, the cornerstone of any vision is the formation of the company. And hence the journey to Appstrail solidified with the finalization of its name. Appstrail, a combination of two words, has a unique story behind it.

Apps + Trail represents our company and its association with Salesforce.

Signifies our association with the digital world, creating an ecosystem with all stakeholders.

Trail signifies our commitment to deliver holistic service forming a trail of success.

Our Pillars

We aspire to become # 1 – Salesforce Digital Transformation Consulting firm in India by 2025.