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Connect Salesforce and Tally with Appstrail Connector

This article focuses on why there is a rising need to connect your ERP with CRM and if there is any solution. Appstrail has come up with a Connector that facilitates a seamless flow of information between Salesforce and Tally. It allows the business users to have an entire overview of the business in a single application.

The Role of ERP and CRM in enhancing businesses

While ERP systems automate and manage back-office operations like payroll, planning, purchasing, and production, as well as streamline business processes, CRM is a front-office system that simplifies and improves:

  • Customer interactions
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Support up-sells, customer information tracking
  • Create dashboards and reports on this data

Integration of Tally and SalesforceERP systems simplify and accelerate operations, resulting in more lean, accurate, and effective procedures. It gives you a complete insight into the company’s core processes. It provides you with unparalleled access to all aspects of your company, allowing you to understand better, track, and manage various organizational functions, increasing the organization’s versatility and efficiency. At the same time, CRM assists in delivering better customer service and developing strong customer relationships. It contains all of the information that the Sales, Marketing, and Services departments have regarding a specific customer. CRM is all about maintaining customer relationships efficiently and profitably over their entire life cycle.

Pioneers in the field of CRM and ERP

Salesforce CRM, also known as Salesforce Customer 360, is available in various variations and configurations to suit the needs of companies of all sizes and industries. Customer 360 is the Salesforce CRM technology’s scope — one streamlined CRM system used for all of the teams to handle and improve customer relationships. Salesforce unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform that powers our entire suite of connected apps.

On the other hand, Tally ERP is accounting software that automates and integrates all of the company’s processes, including revenue, finance, production, buying, and inventory.

Tally is an ERP accounting software program that used to monitor a company’s day-to-day transactions. It enables company owners and their partners to have more in-depth conversations about finances. Tally is a complete software package that maintains its original simplicity while providing extensive business functions such as accounting, finance, inventory, and sales.

The pain point for any business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software are typically purchased and deployed separately.

Pain points of businessHowever, ERP and CRM systems have their databases. Hence, you will consistently have to worry about keeping them synchronized. Regardless of whether it’s a CRM user from client support or an ERP user from Accounts Department, any changes made in one system will have to be transferred to the other. The only solution to this problem is that businesses need to have an integrated system of CRM and ERP, which would provide the necessary reports and data like Profitable Units, Sales Reps Target, Revenue Received, etc., to the relevant stakeholders in real-time.

MSME accounts for 30-40% of the country’s GDP. The majority of them are desperate for technology that is designed specifically to address their business challenges.

To upscale business productivity and efficiency, there is a need to bridge the gap between the ERP and CRM, combining the two you have: Improved sales processes, more accuracy in product forecasting, and the most relevant data stored in one centralized location, which is easily accessible whenever required.

The Key to Success-Appstrail Connector for Tally

Using a true customer 360 platform and an industry leader in CRM. Salesforce is currently the industry leader in CRM software. At the same time, Tally has a customer base of 1.8 million users and has deep roots in the Indian Business Community.

Our Connector provides a platform where both applications can talk to each other and easily sync the invoices and payments in real-time. The different departments will no longer be working in silos after Tally Salesforce Integration. They have access to real-time consumer data, which would eventually connect the front-end and back-end systems. Your front-office teams will quickly see employees’ current status and progress, orders, any material specifications, inventory availability, customer information, invoicing, and payments collection.

When you use a connector between CRM and ERP, your sales team may also close new leads and provide real-time reporting on invoicing and collections to stakeholders. In recent times, Covid has had a considerable impact on businesses and business continuity in general. Firms with distributed offices, warehouses, factories, and teams working from across multiple cities have indirectly impacted.

Most companies choose to cut back rather than think about how to expand. Businesses that have invested in technology and tools to connect and collaborate faced little to no problem with business continuity. In fact, in some cases, companies have increased their profits. Teams could collaborate to create new offerings and products to help the country fight the pandemic. Salesforce provides businesses with the resilience, flex, and work from anywhere to overcome such challenges.

A single platform solution for all your business need

Appstrail Connector for Tally facilitates a seamless flow of information between the two applications. It allows the business users to have an entire overview of the business in a single application. It also provides the ability to sync data from Tally to Salesforce automatically without using any intermediate third-party tool. Investing in technologies such as ERP and CRM tools can help you gain leverage and visibility, and they perform best when used as a cohesive unit. That is why ERP and CRM integration are top of mind for many IT professionals, line-of-business managers, and executive-level stakeholders.


Connector for Salesforce and tallySalesforce Tally integration was a tried, tested, and proven solution which businesses could rely on. There was no need to switch to cloud-based ERPs simply because the cloud was booming—why switch to the cloud if things are working well? But, the need to coexist was a pressing issue. People wanted to operate the business from their mobiles. More importantly, they wanted their teams to make data-driven decisions. Hence Salesforce Tally Integration was much required.

After a robust development and trials process to bridge the gap between CRM and ERP, we finally succeeded. We came up with this Connector that integrates Tally and Salesforce. It also solves all the crucial pain points of businesses, as it provides:

  • Real-time integration of data
  • Follows a plug and play model
  • Reduces the time of implementation from 4-8 weeks to 24 hours
  • Requires low maintenance


So, in a nutshell, the entire “Lead-To-Cash” operation, which includes lead generation, sales management, order fulfilment, and revenue recognition, is automated and covered under the single roof of Appstrail Connector Tally.

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