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Empowering the BFSI industry for Unrivaled Customer Experience (CX)

Empowering the BFSI industry for Unrivaled Customer Experience (CX)

Today, 81% of organisations globally compete based on customer experience, and the BFSI sector is no different. While we see digital transformation services in the BFSI industry pacing up in an attempt to fuel growth, only 30% of banks have successfully implemented digitalization. There is still a considerable gap to be addressed. Why, you ask? Digital transformation spending is estimated to reach USD 3.4 trillion globally by 2026. But most importantly, is the banking industry ready to make the most of it?

In this blog, we will dig deeper into different digitalisation strategies that the BFSI sector can deploy to offer delightful customer experiences while ensuring compliance, security and connectivity in 2024.

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) before Customer Experience (CX)

Digital customer experience, or DCX, encompasses all customer interactions with any brand online using digital technologies or solutions. This includes browsing your website, using apps, engaging with customer service through email, and more.

Since customer experience or CX is becoming increasingly strategic for any brand or business, enhancing digital customer experience (DCX) leads to elevated satisfaction, greater retention and loyalty, and accelerated growth via word-of-mouth marketing.

BFSI’s competitive edge – Critical Digitalisation Strategies

Critical Digitalisation Strategies

Wrapping up

Today, more than 80% of businesses and financial institutions are ready to adopt digital-first strategies to fuel growth and innovation. However, there is still a dilemma in implementing it thoroughly.

That’s where Appstrail’s path-breaking innovative digitalisation solutions and business consulting services can bridge this gap and let you make the most of digital transformation technology in the direction of better and faster ROI.

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