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value added reseller solution

Value Added Reseller Solution

A true Customer 360 with Sales, Service, and Billing Collection automates the entire Sales Cycle, reducing Conversion Time and increasing the sales team’s efficiency.

About the company

The company is an authorized reseller for one of the leading American technology companies, which deals in B2B market. It has install bases in various locations within India and provides Sales & post-sales services to its customers. It also offers customized solutions to its clients as per their requirements and is a known player in the segment.
The company has been in the business for over a decade. It deals with Government Organizations, Corporate Industry, BFSI, Communications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Surveyor, and many more.

Problem Statement

Before Salesforce implementation, there was a lack of coherence in the overall process of both Sales, Post Sales, and Service. The company had previously used a few CRM software but were not satisfies. These CRMs lacked a complete Business 360 approach and could not satisfy their need.
To add to their misery, the sales team had to Reverse calculate the Cost Price and Margin based on the Selling price manually every time they asked for a discounted quote.
Being a Value-Added Reseller, calculation of the Cost Price based on the Final price was necessary. This step in the Quote Generation ate away the valuable time of the Sales reps. Adding to the time is the additional step of taking authorization before finalizing the deal.
So, the company was in dire need of Sales and Field Service Automation which would streamline their business end to end.

Solution Implemented

Appstrail has successfully implemented a “Lead to Cash Automation”. It provides customers with a complete Business 360 view in just one click.
Sales Reps can directly manage the Lead to Quote cycle in the system, visible to all stakeholders. A feature to reverse calculate Discounted Grand Total Price, including GST, and Margin, cost and sales price, will be automatically calculated in real-time.
This duration for the Sales Cycle has been reduced, increasing the efficiency for the customer.


Benefits achieved

Why is this solution perfect for you if you are into VAR?

Are you looking for a CRM that handles end-to-end sales and operation management purpose-building for the Indian context, a CRM that can scale and handle most if not all business needs? Then Appstrail has you covered.

Future roadmap

Next up on the company’s plan is to roll out an ERP and CRM Integration to give a consolidated view of the overall business transactions.
In the next few years, the company hopes to automate more processes: portal for QRC registration and Customer Ordering Portal, which will empower customer stakeholders to register QRC and request new order, providing more insights into customer behaviour.